Seasons for Growth – Loss & Grief programme

Seasons for Growth® is a program for children and young people who have experienced significant change or loss.

Seasons for Growth® is based on the belief that change, loss and grief are a normal and valuable part of life. We examine the impact of changes such as death, separation, divorce, and natural disaster upon our lives, and explore how we can learn to live with and grow from these experiences.

The core intentions of this program are the development of resilience and emotional literacy to promote social and emotional wellbeing. The program is educational in nature and does not provide therapy.

We use the imagery of the four seasons to illustrate that grief is cyclical, not a linear journey with a clear end. Trained “Companions” facilitate small groups where participants share their experiences, and support and learn from one another. Peer support is a key element of the program, and confidentiality is strongly emphasised.

Since its launch in 1996, Seasons for Growth® has reached over 120 000 children and young people, as well as thousands of adults, in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland and Peru.

Seasons for Growth® respects all cultural and spiritual beliefs.

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